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Lynn Johnson Co. gets P. & T. Line

Lynn Johnson circa 1950s

Johnson Brothers Opened For Business in 1953

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Our Corporate Headquarters Today

Johnson Brothers first opened its doors for business in St. Paul Minnesota, in the spring of 1953.

With a rented truck, a converted roller skating rink for a warehouse, and a tiny portfolio of brands, the company’s founder, 24-year old Lynn Johnson hit the streets as a one-man operation. He’d take orders during the day, load the truck at night, and make the deliveries the next day himself.

His remarkable work ethic and commitment to superior customer service helped the family-owned and operated company grow into one of the top beverage distributorships in the country. While the company focus in the early days was on selling spirits, it soon expanded into the emerging wine category.

There were other innovations along the way as well. Johnson Brothers became one of the nation’s first wine and spirits distributors to employ an exclusive on-premise sales force to service its bar and restaurant customers.

Johnson Brothers can trace its roots to the beer business as well. In the 1960’s the company helped build Hamm’s Beer into one of the most popular and iconic beers through its St. Paul, Minnesota Beer Distributorship.

The commitment to the beer business continues today, as Johnson Brothers is proud to represent some of the most sought-after and top selling beers in the industry.


The non-alcoholic business has also played an important role in the company’s history. Today, Johnson Brothers distributes some of the best non-alcoholic beverages in the world.

From humble beginnings, Johnson Brothers has grown into one of the top beverage distributors in the country. While the company looks much different today than it did in 1953, its core values remain the same: hard work, dedication, and providing great customer service.