A home for every
bottle and can

We are a partner that you can trust with your brands – our customer relationships industry expertise and teamwork ensure that our sales consultants can find a home for your brands and we have the distribution network.

Expanding Knowledge

Our brand managers and sales consultants invest time to learn more about your brand. Education begins with hiring great people and offering outstanding onboarding and continues with ongoing development including industry certifications and partnering with suppliers to share insights with our sales team.

Building Brands

We have the tools and connections to increase your brand’s presence in the industry through the relationships we have with independent stores, chains, restaurants, stadiums and other businesses. If you’re in the wine, beer, and/or spirits industries, we have the resources to help you build your brand and find it in the perfect home.

Find Your Local Branch

In addition to our headquarters in St. Paul, Johnson Brothers distributes a wide range of wines, spirits, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages throughout the U.S.